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Running Errands? These 14 Major Stores & Restaurants Are Dog Friendly!

If you are looking to take your best friend with you on your next outing, then be sure add these dog-friendly stores and restaurants to your “errands” list.

It’s always a good idea to call ahead, however, as most of these chains have a “store’s discretion” clause, meaning some stores may allow pets and some may not. Something to note: Lowes is no longer dog friendly! Do you know of another dog friendly store or restaurant? Tell us in the comments!

#1 – Lumber Liquidators

This chain of flooring stores appears to be pet friendly, with signs hanging in their window proclaiming they are. Pretty smart, especially if they are right next door to PetSmart, like the one near me!

#2 – Barnes And Noble

Barnes and Noble is known for being dog friendly, but again, it’s good to call ahead. It seems like it depends on how dog-friendly the stores around it are – if the other stores allow pooches, this book store usually does, too.

#3 – Panera Bread

Panera Bread locations usually have nice outside seating where your friendly dog is welcome to dine with you. On hot days, many will even have a water dish set outside for your pup.

#4 – Home Depot

This store is famous for letting dogs in, and even giving their cashiers dog treats to hand out. However, technically it’s not store policy, so you may want to call ahead to your local store and find out the details before going. It’s a fun place to take your dog while you pick out your next project. Maybe your dog can choose your next flooring?

#5 – Michael’s

If you are a crafter, you are going to love this. Again, this is one of those where it probably depends on the manager, so I would call ahead.

#6 – Noah’s New York Bagel

This West Coast chain welcomes dogs on their patio and even sells bagel-shaped dog biscuits. They also provide water on their patio for dogs who need to quench their thirst.

#7 – Bass Pro Shop

Not only are they pet friendly, but they encourage their customers to bring pups for training and socialization. They even blog about it, giving suggestions on the best times to bring your dog (as far as crowds, etc). Way to go Bass Pro Shop!

#8 – Starbucks

Starbucks welcomes dogs on their outside patios, and will happily give you a cup of water for him to enjoy. There’s also a dog-themed “Puppuccino,” which is an espresso shot cup full of whipped cream or foamed milk. (Note: Make sure your dog is not lactose intolerant, first!)

#9 – Macy’s

Macy’s is dog friendly?! Yup! In fact, they have a history of being dog friendly and even donating to local SPCA’s. It’s just another reason to love the American tradition that is Macy’s.

#10 – LUSH Cosmetics

This fun cosmetics store has no issue with you bringing in your best friend to try the latest products. And since they are cruelty-free, your dog will feel good about you spending money there!

#11 – Baja Fresh

Like most restaurants, your pup isn’t allowed inside, but he is certainly welcome in their outside seating area.

#12 – Pottery Barn

This luxurious décor store allows dogs, but we suggest only calm, well-mannered dogs visit…unless you want to pay for everything that her tail or paws break – yikes!

#13 – Petsmart

Of course they are dog friendly! Just remember your dog must be well-behaved and on leash.

#14 – Petco

Like Petsmart, Petco always welcomes well behaved, leashed pets. However, they do not seem to always have treats at the register, which makes for a disgruntled dog.