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Pup teaches everyone how to take a compliment like a champ. Watch

Many of us may have been at the receiving end of a compliment that we do not know how to react to. We may have felt shy, a little proud, and a whole lot confused about what to respond with so that we don’t sound either vain or insecure. Well, Lemon the pup is here to teach us all a lesson about self-love and effective communication skills.

This video was originally shared back in 2018 on TikTok by a user of the platform with the caption “When my Lemons was a baby”. The recording has recently resurfaced again after being shared on Instagram on April 18.

The video starts with the camera focused on the pitbull puppy, Lemon. Lemon’s mum gives the pooch positive affirmations by saying “Look at those pretty eyes”. Lemon responds with the cutest “awwwwoooooo” that you would have ever heard.

Since we don’t speak ‘woof’ we don’t know exactly what this howl translates to However, it was definitely a not-awkward and non-self-absorbed response to a very truthful compliment.

Pup teaches everyone how to take a compliment like a champ. Watch

Here is what netizens think of Lemon, the socially advanced pitbull! One person on TikTok said, “This is so cute”. While another wrote, “That little howl was absolutely adorable”.

“This is the most perfect thing to wake up to”, read one comment.

Instagram users reacted similarly. One person wrote, “So cute”. Whilst another said, “Oh my god don’t make me cry please”. “The eyes look exactly like my dog’s”, read a comment.

Urgh, if only someone is lucky enough to have a doggo with eyes as pretty as Lemon.

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