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Pluto the fashionista dog puts other pooches in the shade

The alsatian’s fashion sense means he more than lives up to his full Kennel Club name.

His owner Louise France, who also doubles up as his dresser, has photographed Pluto in these perfect poses. As you will note the more fetching the holiday hat the better.

Now the German Shepherd dog’s star quality has been officially recognised after he was shortlisted as one of the runner-ups in a contest organised by watch and sunglasses specialists Tic Watches. The company ran a summer competition to find the best pictures of UK pets getting into the holiday spirit wearing sunglasses.

A spokesman said :”Pluto made the top 10 for his big shades and festival-vibe – he’d fit right in at Rockprest or Parklife. Another German Shepherd prepped for the sun, Pluto’s BBQ outfit is out of this world.”

Delighted dog owner Louise, 30, from Brinscall, near Chorley, said that Pluto, aged eight, is the perfect model and that she loves to take pictures of him: “To be quite honest it’s because he’s so willing. I’d never in a million years force him to do something. I couldn’t … he weighs more than I do! He’s just one of those dogs who just loves attention.”

He is also, she said, a curious dog who takes a keen interest in new hats: “I have so many photos of him – he’s quite interested in dressing up. I’ve got him dressed as Lawrence of Arabia, with a traditional Vietnamese hat, with a flat cap and scarf and with a St Patrick’s day Guinness hat. He’s such a poser when it comes to having his photo taken. ”

In search of the perfect picture she likes to take Pluto somewhere picturesque just as the sun is setting.

The photo which caught the judges’ eyes was taken in the back garden of her parents’ home in Brinscall. It shows Pluto wearing her dad’s sunhat and her sunglasses with a beer nearby.

Another favourite captures Pluto surrounded by bluebells at a local location. Louise also treasures two other special photographs, showing her late and much loved grandparents holding Pluto when he was just a few weeks old.

For Lancaster University graduate Louise Pluto will always have a special place in her heart, whether he wins any competitions or not.

She explained she had been there when he was born and helped care for him from his earliest days.

Louise was staying with a friend in Adlington,near Cholrey whose mother Sarah Haisley was breeding alsatians to ensure the continuity of a particular bloodline. Louise said: “When Star of Pluto’s mother went into labour I had never seen anything like it before .It’s just an experience I will never forget – being a miwdwife! It was such a big litter of eight.”

Louise helped look after the pups in their early weeks, often getting up in the night to ensure all the pups got fed. As a thank you Sarah gave her Pluto.

As for the contest success Louise said: “I was really, really surprised. It’s a bit like a mother with her children I suppose – I think he’s absolutely gorgeous.”

* Claire Burke, 55 from Skipton, was crowned the winner of the competition for her photo of Lily, a nine-year-old whippet who sported tortoiseshell sunglasses. Claire won a Tommy Hilfiger watch from the Tic Watches range.