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People who thought they picked up the wrong animal after a trip to the groomer

If you have a pet, you probably understand that they have several different looks and those looks solely depend on their current haircut. One minute, your Yorkshire Terrier will resemble a bear and the next moment, he will look like a small baby deer. They are both adorable, but oh so different.

So, have you ever dropped your pet off at the groomer only to come back and feel like your picking up a different animal? Their fur is their identity and when it changes, it really changes everything about them! We found the 60 best before and after groomer transformations and they are hilarious.

This Reddit user took their dog to the groomer and “got a different doggo back.” Yep, we would say that is absolutely a different dog. From shaggy to clean-cut!

Literally, this dog was hot. So it only made sense that the cute one-eyed guy got a hair cut! “It’s 32°C degrees (90°F) outside, so my dog, One-eyed Snuggles, needed a groomer,” the owner wrote.

“Every time Luna gets a haircut I feel like I have the wrong dog,” this pup’s owner wrote. Makes sense because one dog weighs about 100 pounds less than the other dog!

“A clean chonker is a happy chonker,” this person wrote. We couldn’t agree more. Dogs just don’t look comfortable when they have a ton of fur hanging in their face. And we love happy dogs!

Funny how Millie’s face looks like it was slowly starting to disappear. But now it is popping out and looking so beautiful!

This is Ross. He still looks like a snow ball before and after, but with a little less curly Q action now. We’re into it!

This dog may have gotten a haircut, but we’re so happy her eyelashes stayed long and beautiful!

This is Dizzy! Before her haircut, she may have actually felt dizzy since it looks like she wasn’t able to see anything. Too much fur in her eyes before but now she can see!