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Owning A Dog: Expectations vs. Reality

Well, we all know owning a dog is the cutest thing that ever can happen. But at some point reality sometimes can be very different which we can all relate in. Like

Waiting patiently. If I am sleeping in the morning my expectation would be my pet would sit beside me. Wait for me to wake up but in reality, in the morning they will lick you, jump on you and sniff you. And finally, they will wake you up,

Another thing they do when you are not seeing they Will eat your food.

Taking a beautiful picture as other Instagram friends do seems very easy and beautiful but in reality when i tried to take some pictures after 1000 photos maybe 1 photo looks a little bit good but Alas not worth it.

But in the end, still, we all love our furry friend. They may sometime annoy you but mostly they love you unconditionally. They will make you happy, keep you busy but one thing is certain that they will love you and they will be your best friend.


Watch this cute video of Owning A Dog: Expectations vs. Reality