Lady Gaga’s French Bulldogs Stolen: $500k Reward Offered for Safe Return

In recent news, it was announced that Lady Gaga is offering a $500k reward for the return of her French bulldogs.  News sources state that the dogs were stolen after her dog walker was shot on the evening of February 24th, 2021.

$500k Reward for Safe Return of Lady Gaga’s French Bulldogs

News reports state that dog walker, Ryan Fischer, was with three of Lady Gaga’s French bulldogs in Hollywood on Wednesday evening when he was shot and two of the three dogs were stolen.  The third bulldog, Miss Asia, was recovered nearby and the dog walker transferred to the hospital in stable condition.

The three dogs are a part of Gaga’s family and regularly shared in social media images on her popular Instagram account.  The two French bulldogs named Koji and Gustav are missed and beloved by all.

Lady Gaga in pink fur dress

Currently, the only information regarding the thief is that it was a male who got into a white sedan.  There has been an email setup for any information regarding the theft or location of the two dogs and Lary Gaga has offered the half-million-dollar reward in hopes that someone will bring dogs back to their home.

If you have information about the dogs, email [email protected]


Our hearts go out to Lady Gaga as she deals with this news.  We hope and pray that the dogs are returned safely very soon.  More details of the story can be found on ABC News.