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Is your dog not eating properly? Check out THESE causes and appetite solutions for your pet

When our dogs are not willing to eat their regular food, then they may be experiencing certain health issues. There are several causes for the loss of appetite in them. These are the causes and solutions for it.

Every pet parent must have experienced a situation where their dogs don’t want to eat properly and there is a remarkable change in their appetite. Well, when dogs experience loss of appetite, then this condition is called anorexia. This describes a complete loss of appetite in dogs and indicates an illness in them. So, when you notice any significant change in your dog’s food habit, then talk to your vet as soon as possible.

Dogs can survive for some days without food though, but you should not delay the consultation with his doctor. The illness needs to be treated well to bring him back to his normal diet routine. So, here are some reasons why they have anorexia and what to do for it.


Here’s everything you should know about dog’s eating habit. 


Reasons for the loss of appetite

These are the reasons that can be possible for the loss of appetite in them:

Illness- It can be the sign of any serious health problem like pain, liver problems, kidney failure, infections, cancer etc. So, talk to the vet as soon as possible.


Dental problem- If your dog is not eating, then maybe something is causing pain in his mouth. It can be broken or loose tooth, severe gingivitis, oral tumour etc. 


Recent vaccinations- Often, vaccinations have adverse effects on their health. So, this can also be the cause of decreased appetite. 


Travel- If you are on a trip with your dog, then the new place and surroundings can also be the reason for it. They may also have motion sickness for which he doesn’t want to eat anything. 


Picky- He is very picky about his eating habits. And this has simply made him unwilling to eat anything and everything. 


What to do for this problem?

If your dog has lost appetite due to health issues, then the vet will put him on a different diet which includes all his nutritional needs. So, at this time stop giving him human foods and other regular treats. And keep in touch with your vet to cure this problem to the core. 


But if he is not eating due to some behavioural problem or being too picky, then you can do these:

Stop giving him treats.

Feed your pet on a regular schedule and maintain the time. 

Make mealtime fun for him by playing with him or giving the food as a treat for doing a task. 

Change feeding bowl and situation. If he eats alone, then feed him with other pets in the house.