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From the Dog’s Paw: Puppy adoption and supplies

WOOF! My barks humans, there are pawlenty of considerations when you are looking to adopt a puppy. Pawlease visit to read my previous articles on the topic! Barks.

Paws, when I think of my days as a young pupster, I remember coming to my human’s house with my stuffed Moosey. He was my buddy! I could have ripped it to shreds almost as soon as I got it, but it became my security bankie so I carried it everywhere all the time. I loved Moosey. It made me feel better when I was scared and unsure of the transition of shelter to rescue to “Forever Home!” Paws, the coolest part was my new humans had a few toys ready for me when I came to live with them. Barks, they had a string toy, stuffed toy, rubber ones, and a ball or two for me to play with. WOOFS! They quickly learned that some stuffed toys were not for me as I could shred the indestructible ones in less than 3 minutes! You should have seen the family room! WOOFS! It’s a good idea to have a few toys ready for your new puppy’s arrival. Ask about your pupsters toy preference when you adopt so you can have something pawsomely special ready.

Paws, to help your puppy adjust to a new home, create a safe place where it can stay! I pawed about crates last week, see September 4 Barkingly if you do not want to use one, consider closing off a room or area of your home using a pet gate. Temporarily keep mini-humans and other pets away! Allow the young guy to get used to meeting you and then introduce others living in the household. Barkingly, it’s a good idea not to introduce anyone who doesn’t live in the home for another few weeks. Allow a time to get used to his new space and family first.

Woofs, a most impawtant item you will need is the “poop bag.” Barkingly, being a good neighbor and picking up after your pupster is a great way to help your pet be a good member of the community. At the local pet shop, you can find pawlenty of “Variations on a Theme of Poop Bags and Useful Tools.” There are small ones, medium ones, big ones and there are king-size ones which are usually for the likes of a Great Dane, Giant Schnauzer, or Saint Bernard! WOOFs! These are made from many materials like vinyl, plastic, and some of which are environmentally-friendly too. Barks, you can use plastic bags from shopping too. You need to watch for holes and pawssibly double-bag it.  If the thought of walking around the neighborhood with a “poop bag” in your hands for the entire universe to see is something you’d like to avoid, consider purchasing one of those pouches which allow you to place the bags inside them.

Barkingly, it will be an impawtant chore for you to keep your backyard cleaned up too. Whenever or wherever he goes, there’s a task for you- pick it up! Paws, not only is it a polite gesture for neighbors who see your yard, it is the law.

Woofs, my backyard is a fascinating pawlace to explore. Barkingly, critters visit the yard overnight leaving their scent as they paw through. Barks, this gets intense for me as I thrive on following them. Paws, one time it lead out the back fence and into some trouble too. When you bring your pupster home, using a leash, take him around the backyard to explore his new territory! Woofs, pay attention to the yard making sure all holes in the fence and anything which could allow escape or cause an issue is addressed. Barkingly, if you have a designated area for pupsters to do his business consistently walk him there. Praise him with treats when he does it!

Some say I am spoiled. I don’t. I say I live graciously. Very much so. My human has barkingly comfortable dog beds for me throughout the house. Since I love to follow him everywhere, he has them placed them where he hangs out so I can join him. Having a dog bed or two will make your pups feel most welcome!

Puppy proofing? Next week!