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Doggo demands to be tucked into bed every night and guess what, he deserves that royal treatment

Our pooch partners do so much for us. They give us licks, cuddles, and walking them is a straight route to fitness. Given all this, it is safe to say that we owe them a whole lot. Then, this lady who is showing appreciation for her doggo child with many hugs and kisses is an ins-paw-ration for all pet parents out there.

This 30-second-long video was posted on Reddit on May 11. It has been shared to the subreddit ‘aww’, along with text that reads, “He insists on getting tucked in every night”.

The recording starts with the pooch walking over to his dog bed with his hooman hot on its trail. She is holding a thick velvety looking blanket which she drapes over the canine as soon as he is in bed. After carefully tucking the doggo in, the pet parent proceeds to hug and kiss him endlessly. This exchange between the hooman and the doggo goes on for many more seconds. Then, the woman exits the frame to let the canine drift away into the dream world.

Watching that video will give you a sugar rush. This wholesome post currently has over 66,600 upvotes and more than 600 comments.

Here is how Redditors reacted to the pooch’s night-time routine. One person said, “I know I don’t know your dog, but I love her so much too. I love pretty much all dogs”. While another wrote, “That’s probably a heated dog bed”. Honestly, this dog deserves a heated bed.

“Dogs are so pure,” read one comment. While another Reddit user affirmed, “And he deserves it!” We completely agree, as well.