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Dog braves the waves to save its ball. Video is too cute

Pet parents can try and offer unique experiences to their fur babies but will they enjoy them as much they expect them to? Well, this video may offer a clue.

Shared on Reddit, the clip shows a dog out on a beach. Now, there are enough videos on the Internet that show how much dogs can enjoy running around on the beach or playing with the waves. This dog, not so much.

The video shows the canine trying to retrieve his ball from the water. His problem? The waves. The dog seems rather uncomfortable, just running and picking up his ball. But he does it anyway to rescue his ball. Watch the video to see what happens:

Good boy doesn’t like to get his paws wet from aww

Shared a day ago on Reddit, the video has collected over 83,000 upvotes and 400 comments. From sharing their reaction to this furball to adding stories about their own pets, people posted some hilarious reactions to the share.

“Better than my dog. First time on the beach she stood there and tried to drink the sea,” shared an individual. “Mine eats the sand. He’s… special, but we love him,” added another.

“Or he’s scared of the water,” suggested an individual. To this, someone added, “Goldens are scared of everything, mine is terrified of her shadow”.

“The ocean makes cowards of us all. It’s ok pupper,” posted someone. “‘I am fierce. I am a tiger. I am a predat-ohjesusit’scomingrightatme’,” joked one commenter.

The video was originally shared back in March and features Hudson B Mason. The clip was shared on his own profile which describes him as ‘The Goodest Golden Good Boy!”

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