Chow Chow becomes Insta-famous thanks to a unique feature

The internet can’t get its head around this super-furry guy. Is he a dog? A bear? Or a kind of hybrid furball? The only thing we can agree on is that he’s very, very cute!

When one owner decided to share a picture of Chowder the Chow Chow, she must have expected some kind of reaction.

A new level of cuteness

Because even by pooch standards, these furry fellas are notoriously cute.

So say hello to Chowder!

Unsurprisingly, Chowder melted the hearts of dog lovers all over the world. But others expressed some confusion. Is Chowder really a dog? Because he looks a lot like a big fluffy teddybear!

Check him out again, and you’ll see what they’re talking about!

Chowder’s owners have confirmed that he is indeed a dog. However, they’ve given the nod to his bear-like appearance on his Instagram page.

Born to be a star

Chowderthebeardog has over 400k followers, and so it looks like this cuddly pooch is on his way to becoming the next big canine celebrity.

But it’s all come as a bit of a surprise to Chowder’s dog mum. Speaking to ABC News, she said:

“We did it on Instagram and Facebook, not intending to make him famous.”

That may well be the case. But with a face like this, Chowder was always going to be a star!