14 Best Pomeranian Lion Cut Pictures


I do look like a real lion!!

  1. Doggie Looks like a real Lion alright… definitely sharing this with my friends so that they can see the adorable little Lion here… a mini me king of the beasts.


Pomeranian lion cut

  1. The Lions we are used to are rough and rugged animals but these Lion Pomeranians are so tiny and so cute…. must get this one for my personal zoo. He’s adorable


Trigger looks buff with a lion cut!

  1. Lol…the little Lion. I am so afraid. Very cute little Lion dog. If Pomeranians aren’t the cutest dog breeds in the world then I don’t know which dog breeds are. Roar!! Roar!!

#4 Sable Pomeranian Lion Haircut

Sable pomeranian lion cut

  1. The adorable grey furred lion that everyone has to see… all white and all cute and all adorable. Lovely lovely little doggy. Cutest Lion you can ever see

#5 White Pomeranian Lion Cut

White pomeranian lion cut

  1. Pomeranian Lions are so cute and lovely. This adorable little pooch will give the king of the jungle a run for its money. The rare white lion poodle in the flesh… very beautiful