Baby, Please Don’t Go: Needy Golden Retriever Hugs Its Owner Like Crazy

Canines love to eat, to run, and to play, but there is one thing they love even more – people. Our little friends are loyal, protective, and always ready to defend us, because they adore us. And it is easy to see why – when people are gone who will rub their belly and throw sticks to play fetch?

This sweet golden retriever wants to play with its owner, but it is too protective and also wants to hug – so the doggo won’t let go of the ball… and the owner’s leg as well! The guy tries to get away, but the pooch keeps holding his limb, hugging it with his paws, like a baby. Looks so adorable, one’s heart melts just from seeing the doggo’s expression of pure happiness.

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Don’t go human!! #stayandplay

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