7 Сommands That You Need To Teach A Tibetan Mastiff

#7 To me!


The "To me!" command is very important. It is necessary to fix it in the first walks. First, they do this, not letting the puppy off the leash, but only letting it go freely, and then, quietly supporting it, they call the dog, showing a treat. You cannot punish a dog by calling it a command, even if it is to blame for something.

#9 Give


So, how to teach a dog the command "Give"? Most likely, your dog knows how and loves to play tug of war. So wait until the dog is busy with the game, go up to it, wave it with a rope (or other toy) and when the dog clings to it, strictly say “Give!”. As soon as the dog returns the cord, praise her very actively and immediately return it. Please note that it is very important to return the item immediately.

#11 Aport


Find a quiet place, take the dog on a leash and put it in the “close” position. Put the leash in your left hand, and take an object in your right hand and offer it to the dog. As an object, you can use a stick, an old glove or any other thing that the dog will be pleased to hold. Do not use food, toys and objects with long fur. Tease the dog with a thing, and when she wants to grab the object, say “Aport!” And allow it to be done. Once the dog grabs the item, sincerely praise it and repeat the command.