7 Сommands That You Need To Teach A Tibetan Mastiff

Mastiffs are rightfully considered champions in growth among dogs, and it doesn’t matter whether it English mastiffs, Tibetan mastiffs or Neo-Polean mastiffs. If you are a Tibetan Mastiff owner you should teach your dog the following commands:

#1 A place!


The first command to learn if the puppy lives in the apartment is "Place!". The command is positive, its place for the puppy is the territory on which he should feel safe. Therefore, after a game or food, wherever the baby goes to bed, he must be carefully carried to his couch, repeating the command several times in a firm, but gentle voice. The Tibetan Mastiff is well trained, as they are distinguished by high intelligence and quick wits. Therefore, the puppy is accustomed to the place after several days in a new house.

#3 Walk!


The second command is "Walk!". When gathering with a puppy on the street, putting a collar on it and fastening the leash, you need to repeat the command in a positive manner, in an even voice. After 2-3 lessons, the puppy will be happy to wait for a walk after the spoken command, realizing what is at stake. Performs the Tibetan Mastiff of the team willingly, but does not like their frequent repetition, so you should try not to fix the lesson more than 2-3 times in one lesson.

#5 Sit!


The Sit command is unlearned at home, with a treat in hand. It is very simple to assimilate, you just need to slowly bring your hand with food over the dog’s head, and with your other hand, slightly press its croup, repeating the order in a commanding voice. As soon as the puppy sits down, praise him and give the treat.