30 Cute Pictures of White Shih Tzus

#6 Great sweater!


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Sweet little Shih Tzu Puppy has been with us five days now, she has been such a good girl! I forgot how much work puppies are and so glad the kids are leaning in to help care for her. She has been super about going potty outside, easily distracted when she chews on something she isn’t supposed to and really good about not jumping up on our legs and was great with my granddaughter ❤️. She had her first vet check on Thursday and did wonderful - she seems to be healthy! I will be honest though i e been having severe anxiety wondering if i can handle a third dog in our house? I also had a panic moment when someone suggested she wasn’t a full breed Shih Tzu. The vet assured me that she will fill out with her fluffy fur and that she is still very tiny still because she is a runt. I saw photos of the parents and siblings and several of her growing up with all of them from pregnancy to newborn till now. Vet says she is just slower to develop (3.4lbs rn)- time will tell. We still have yet to name her - our family can’t agree on what fits, i just need it to go well with our other two Milly & Sophie when i say all three.... still taking suggestions ❤️ #fishtailcottage #newpuppy #puppynames #namemypuppy #shihtzu #shihtzupuppy #shihtzulovers #shihtzusofinstagram #myshihtzu #whiteshihtzu #whitedog #white #petnames #8weeks #runt #siblings #goodgirl #anxiety #canidothis #takeontoomuch

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#9 Bad hair day anyone?