28 Songs for People Who Love Basset Hounds

When you bring Basset Hounds and music together, you’re guaranteed magic.

  • Low Rider (Artist: War; Movie: Up in Smoke; Released: 1975; Genre: Funk)
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  • Bad to the bone (Artist: George Thorogood; Album: Bad to the Bone; Released: 1982)
  • Crazy Train (Artist: Ozzy Osbourne; Album: Blizzard of Ozz; Released: 1980)
  • Wrecking Ball (Artist: Miley Cyrus; Album: Bangerz; Released: 2013)
  • Little Bitty Pretty One (Artist: Thurston Harris; Album: Christine; Released: 1983)
  • Take It Easy (Artist: Eagles; Album: Eagles; Released: 1972)
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  • Baby Love (Artist: The Supremes; Album: Where Did Our Love Go; Released: 1964)
  • Walking On Sunshine (Artist: Katrina and the Waves; Album: Walking on Sunshine; Released: 1983)
  • You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog (Artist: Elvis Presley; Album: Don’t Be Cruel / Hound Dog; Released: 1956)
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  • Ain’t No Sunshine (Artist: Bill Withers; Album: Just as I Am; Released: 1971)
  • Baby Got Back (Artist: Sir Mix-a-Lot; Album: Mack Daddy; Released: 1992)
  • On The Road Again (Artists: Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash; Album: VH1 Storytellers: Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson; Released: 1998)
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  • Runnin’ with the devil (Artist: Van Halen; Album: Van Halen; Released: 1978)
  • C is for cookie (Artist: Frank Oz; Album: Sesame Street Fever; Released: 1978)
  • I Want It All (Artist: Queen; Album: The Miracle; Released: 1989)
  • Trouble ( Artist: Pink; Album: Try This; Released: 2003)
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  • Lazy Afternoon ( Artist: Barbra Streisand; Album: Lazy Afternoon; Released: 1975)
  • Toxic ( Artist: Britney Spears; Album: In the Zone; Released: 2003)
  • Don’t Worry Be Happy (Artist: Bobby McFerrin; Album: Simple Pleasures; Released: 1988)
  • Sad Eyes ( Artist: Robert John; Album: Robert John; Released: 1979)
  • You Make Me Smile ( Artist: Uncle Kracker )
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  • Wild Thing (Artist: The Troggs; Album: From Nowhere; Released: 1966)
  • How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) ( Artist: James Taylor; Album: Gorilla; Released: 1975)
  • Wrecking Ball (Artist: Miley Cyrus; Album: Bangerz; Released: 2013)
  • You are my Sunshine
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  • Peaceful Easy Feeling (Artist: Eagles; Album: Eagles; Released: 1972)
  • “Do Your Ears Hang Low?” is a children’s song that is often sung in schools, at camps and at birthday parties.