21+ Crossbreed Pomeranians That Will Make You Want Your Own Mutt

Crossbreed Pomeranian dogs are often referred to as ‘mutts,’ but as it turns out some of these mutts are even more adorable than purebred dogs. Mixed-breed dogs are not only beautiful but also have less health issues.

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#1 Cavapom (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Pomeranian)

#2 Pomsky (Siberian Husky x Pomeranian)

#3 Yoranian (Yorkshire Terrier x Pomeranian)

#4 Cheke-A-Pom (Pomeranian x Chihuahua x Pekingese)

#5 Pominese (Pomeranian x Pekingese)

  1. I have a pekipom and it looks nothing like this. It’s a big white fluff ball… Like a small Samoyed, very sweet but not too smart! lol