17 Hillarious Boxers That Will Brighten Your Day

Boxers are awesome dogs, but they have two different sides. From the one side they are amazingly athletic, beautifull and a very bright dogs, but from another- adorable goofball and funny dogs. But you know, both of their sides make this breed unique and charming.

#1 Yeah, I slayed them. I am a real lady killer

#2 No time to explain! Get in the car!

#3 -Can I have some melone? -No, it’s all mine!

#4 Dogness monster is in the pool

#5 What do you think was in that pill bottle? I have no idea, but do you see that elf flying around?

#6 Zombies eat brains…Don’t worry- you’re safe

#7 I told the dog I needed a babysitter