16 Things Corgis Should Never Eat!

Literally, all dogs, including Corgis, should avoid eating these foods.

#1 Egg whites

Are you planning to bake a cake for your dog’s birthday? Bad idea. Egg whites are toxic for dogs.

#2 Mushrooms

Like humans, mushroom poisoning is very common in dogs. Some mushrooms are even fatal depending on the dose. Be careful! 

#3 Bones

It’s a giant myth. Bones aren’t a dog’s best friend.

#4 Alcohol

Their body simply cannot tolerate it. It’s very bad for them and can lead to serious intoxication, a coma, and even death.

#5 Garlic

No doubt, your dog has already got a bad breath as it is. Therefore, there’s no need to give them a garlic clove to chew on.