16 Quotes Only Siamese Cat Owners Will Understand

There are many words to describe Siamese cats, their beauty, their personalities, and the comfort and attachment they provide. But can one ever summarize the unique qualities of these breed? In the list below there are perfect cat quotes and images I found for you. Look at and share with your friends.

#1 What greater gift than the love of a cat.- Charles Dickens

#2 Siamese cats are like a potato chips: you can’t have just one!- Unknown.

#3 “Cat never strike a pose that isn’t photogenic”- Lillian Jackson Brown

#4 People who belonged to Siamese cats must make up their minds to do a good deal of waiting upon them.- Unknown.

#5 A meow massages the heart.-Stuart McMillan

#6 No matter how bad your day is…Your cat will always make you smile…-Unknown