16 Interesting Things About Maine Coons

#7 Descendants of captain cats.

According to legend, they are descendants of seafaring cats belonging to British Captain Charles Coon, who sailed off of New England in the 1800s.

#8 … Or Norwegian forest cats.

Another theory says that Maine Coons' came to America with the Vikings, that is why they resemble Norwegian Forest Cats.

#9 Maine Coons not related to raccoons.

There is a version that they related to raccoons, but it is not true. 

#10 Winner of the first popular American cat show.

The first American cat show was held in New York in 1895. The winner was a brown spotty Maine Coon cat named Cosey. 

#11 They were cloned commercially.

In 2004, a Maine Coon named Little Nicky became the first pet who were cloned commercially. 

#12 Some cats of this breed have six toes.

Some experts estimate that as many as 40% of Maine Coons had such characteristic. It stemmed from a genetic mutation, which some people say helped the cats use their paws as “natural snowshoes” during snowy winters.