16 Interesting Facts About Shih Tzu

#8 They have a special bite.

The fact is that the structure of the jaw (the lower jaw is somewhat wider than the upper) in these dogs is such that when the teeth are closed, the jaw does not close completely, forming a kind of “overshot mouth”.

#9 There are many legends about this breed.

One of them says that the Buddha traveled with a small dog, the description of which is completely similar to a Shih Tzu. One day, robbers came to Buddha to rob and kill him. Then the little dog turned into a ferocious lion and drove the robbers away. After the lion again turned into a kind and affectionate dog.

#10 They are difficult to teach to the toilet.

Shih Tzu are difficult to teach to the toilet. Stick to the sequence and don't let the puppy walk around the house unattended until you teach him to use the toilet.

#11 They do not tolerate heat.

The flattened shape of the Shih Tzu's head is the reason why the dog does not tolerate heat very well. Inhaled hot air does not have time to cool and can lead to thermal shock. During the heat, it is better to avoid walking. In the apartment the air temperature also should not be very high.

#12 You need to be attentive if you have small children.

Despite the fact that Shih Tzu get along well with children, you should not get this dog to families with very young children, as this can lead to injuries to the pet.

#13 Problems with teeth.

Shih Tzu are prone to dental problems, wheezing and snoring.

#14 Grooming.

Be prepared to brush your pet every day, otherwise your hair will become tangled.