16 Interesting Facts About Shih Tzu

The name of the breed literally translates as “little lion”. But this dog has little in common with a lion. Shih Tzu were bred as gentle and kind companion dogs who like to spend time in the room, with family. Recently, however, Shih Tzu is increasingly taking part in various sports competitions. We present you 16 facts about this incredible breed:

#1 Beauty.

These dogs are described as very beautiful small animals with long hair that are distinguished by their majestic appearance and friendly character. The growth of females and males of this breed is not different, on average it is 20-25 cm, and the weight varies from 4.5 to 5 kg. Dogs of this breed can boast that they were court dwellers of the Chinese monarchs of the Ming family.

#2 Unpretentiousness.

Shih Tzu is unpretentious. The pet will feel comfortable in a small city apartment, and in the vast farm.

#3 Small size.

The size of the dog requires special attention of the owner, especially if the animal is on the street. The fact is that often these dogs are victims of attacks by larger relatives.

#4 They are great companions.

The Shih Tzu was bred to become a consummate companion dog. The main desire of a pet is to be near its owner. You can not count on the fact that the Shih Tzu will be a guard or, for example, a hunter. The main trait of character is devotion. These dogs are very attached to their family. Dogs of this breed are very funny and active, strangers, as a rule, react by barking, but they always find a common language with guests.

#5 They are easy to train.

Starting to train Shih Tzu is quite difficult. But as soon as these dogs understand that for each performed command they get a treat, everything gets better at once. Training must begin as early as possible. The classes themselves should be short-lived in order to always maintain the interest of the animal. Most often, the entire course of training lasts from six to eight months. Sometimes some owners decide to give the puppy in the hands of a professional trainer, that is also not bad.

#6 To their appearance should be a special approach.

Grooming Shih Tzu is quite time-consuming exercise. To remove tangles and prevent tangling of wool, you will have to comb your pet every day. At the same time it is necessary to comb carefully. Those dog owners who are not going to participate in exhibitions often decide to cut their pet. This, of course, greatly facilitates the process of grooming. If you decide to cut Shih Tzu, then it will have to be done about once every two months.

#7 This breed is very old.

Some documents mention that during the rule of the Ming dynasty (1368-1644), the imperial court contained “lion dogs” with a muzzle resembling a chrysanthemum at the imperial court. Most likely, we are talking about Shih Tzu. In the documents dated 1770-1900 years there are not too many references to such dogs. Yet in the works of art of the time, you can find images of Shih Tzu.