16 Incredibly Interesting Facts About St. Bernard Dogs

#8 Saint Bernard is able to feel a person for 3 km in the headwind.

#9 Over the past 200 years, St. Bernards saved 2,000 lives.

    #10 Having pulled a man out of the snow, St. Bernard warms him with his warmth and licks his face so that the rescued lucky man regains consciousness and does not fall asleep.

    #11 The St. Bernards have a very sharp sense of smell and a great orientation in space: even if they get lost, they always know how to find their way home.

    #12 Saint Bernard’s saving instinct is very developed. If the dog sees a person lying on the ground, she will immediately try to lift him or turn him over onto his back. If it does not work out, then he will lie down next to him and warm him with his warmth, as well as lick his face so that the person does not fall asleep.

      #13 The most famous St. Bernard is Barry. He saved four dozen lives, and once he found the body of a little boy, he realized that he would not survive until the rescuers arrived and independently carried him to a base which was more than 5 m away.

      #14 Saint Bernard Barry even had a monument erected in Paris.