15 Yorkshire Terrier Hairstyle Photos You Will Love

#7 Pigtails.

To make such a hairstyle, your doggie need to have long hair on the head and on the back.  If the dog has enough of wool, you can also make afro-braids all over of his body. It is necessary to take very small strands and braid them not tight, otherwise you can injure the skin.

#8 For the boys.

Male Yorkshire Terriers tend to cut shorter, but there are also many options of nice model haircuts. 

#9 Pants.

In this version of Yorkie's haircut, the hair on the dog's body is cut short and the pants are emphasized, leaving a neat coat on the legs.

#10 For the girls.

Owners of the girls love to dress up their beautiful pets and make a nice hairstyles. It is impossible not to notice such a cute doggie! 

#11 Classic.

One of the most popular yorkie haircuts is classic, with slightly elongated hair.  This haircut gives Yorkie a neat and tidy look, and shows that you make the effort and time to properly care for your doggie.

#12 Groomer.

The first thing you should know about a groomer is whether he or she made haircut you choose previously. It is possible that the groomer made such a haircut on other breeds, which is also a good experience. Ask him to share additional information with you and be sure to ask for a few photos.