15 Tips for Choosing a Beagle Puppy

The rules for choosing a Beagle puppy largely coincide with the rules for choosing a puppy of any other breed, but there are a number of features.?

#1 Little beagle puppies are similar to each other, therefore, first of all, you must decide what you are buying your baby for: hunting, exhibitions or as a pet.

#2 Then you need to decide who exactly you need: a boy or a girl.

#3 Find out in what conditions puppies are kept. In what condition is the berth, feeder and drinker? Are there enough places and opportunities for games?

#4 Inspect the kids. If they are healthy, they will be moderately well-fed (but without bloated bellies), cheerful and curious.

#5 Check if veterinary procedures have been performed. And if so, which ones.

#6 A distinctive feature of the color of the beagle puppy is the white tip of the tail. Pay attention to this.