15 Facts You Should Know About Brussels Griffons

#7 They can have beards

And when they do have it, they look like true hipsters.

#8 Brussels Griffons are athletic

Yeah, they may look tiny, but don’t be fooled. These dogs are athletic.

#9 “Griff Chewing” is one of the funniest things about these dogs

Especially, their chewing sounds.

#10 They may behave like cats

For example, they are really great climbers.

#11 Brussels Griffons love attention and communications with people

But they don’t like to get acquainted with other pets, even if this is also a dog.

#12 Trainings can just waste your time

Griffs are stubborn. They prefer cuddling sessions more that trainings. But you should do your best and then you will be able to reach the wanted result.