14 Tips For Raising And Training The Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff has been next to man for several millennia. This is one of the oldest tamed dogs, which is the progenitor of many famous breeds. But, despite this, the character of Mastiff is not very flexible. There are many nuances that should be considered in raising and training a puppy and in dealing with this dog.⚽?

#1 Raising a puppy should begin to deal with the first day of his appearance in the house.?

#2 It is necessary to teach the dog to trust a person, to make it clear that the owner is on a par with him.

#3 You need to often pet the dog, play with her.??

#4 These dogs are not prone to excessive aggression.

#5 From the seventh week, you need to take the puppy for a walk so that he learns the world.

#6 These dogs must be encouraged.