14 Tips For Beginners On Training A Miniature Pinscher

#7 The breed is suitable for keeping by those dog breeders who already have experience in the positive upbringing of dogs.

#8 The breed is characterized by excessive stubbornness and moodiness. From the owner required perseverance, exactingness and consistency.

#9 Baby Pincher, with his characteristic spontaneity, can get on your head and begin to poke you as he pleases.

#10 Proper education of the puppy will allow you to show all the best qualities of the Miniature Pinscher – livability, affection, vigor, love for children.

#11 For a family with children, dogs of this breed will not work, because if mistreated, they tend to be aggressive and even bite.

#12 It is worth remembering that this is an excellent watchman, a determined and dominant dog.