14 Things You Didn’t Know About the English Setter

English Setters are gorgeous pets. They can easily perform all the tasks you will ask them to do. That`s why it`s a piece of cake for you to train him. Here are 14 things you didn’t know about the English Setter?:

#1 These gentle and affectionate dogs are well balanced

They seem to have keen sensibilities and to be a wonderful life companion.

#2 The breed officially falls under the category of sporting dogs

This is because they are expert hunters. English Setters tend to find a bird then assume a stiff pose, and raising one foot in the air.

#3 They are agile and have a good nose

They are the real professionals when it comes to sniffing out the fresh trail of a bird.

#4 English Setters are amazing guard dogs

They’ll let you know the moment that they sense someone is approaching the home. It’s in their nature to kick up a fuss so everyone knows what’s going on.

#5 They have a built in auto alert system

They may sound frightening until you invite the guest in the house, but they quickly warm up because they’re social creatures by nature

#6 They’re really dogs with a kind and gentle nature

English Setters make good pets for people who are first time dog parents. What makes them such excellent choices is that they’re not complicated pets by nature.