14 Things Coonhounds Teach Us About What Matters Most

Do you have a pet? Take a closer look at it. He will teach you life, give several lessons that you would never have known without him?.

#1 It is better to sit by the window, look at the world and judge those fools who went into this dangerous, unknown world. In fact, “staying inside” is always preferable. Home is where the food is.

#2 Any time is time for a sweet nap and any place is suitable for it.

#3 There are few chosen people who deserve your love. They can be differentiated from other people by how often they pet and feed you.

#4 Always be a little elusive and mysterious to people. This saves the puzzle.

#5 People who really love you will love you no matter how bully you are.

#6 Even if you hurt someone by just playing a little with his favorite sweater, snuggle up to him and be very friendly. It will be very difficult for this person to be mad at you.