14 Spunky Facts About the Maltese

Everybody loves little white dogs, but this one will make you crazy about them?!

#1 Its name probably reflects its provenance

The most compelling theory so far is that the dogs were bred in Malta, but were quickly snatched up by the Romans.

#2 Maltese isn`t the only name they have

Over the course of its existence, the breed has had a number of different monikers.

#3 They are also known as Maltese lion dog, Maltese terrier, Melitaie dog, Roman ladies’ dog, shock dog, and the Spaniel gentle

#4 The Maltese is one of the oldest-known breeds of dogs

and is said to be over 2800 years old.

#5 The small dogs happily sat on the laps of the Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians

#6 These lap dogs were a hit among royalty