14 Reasons You Should Finally Get a Shiba Inu

Well, as major Shiba Inu lovers here, we decided to put a list together highlighting all the wonderful reasons why you should finally have one.

#1 This breed is fairly young. 🙂

This breed has recetly come to the USA.

#2 They have an interesting name!

The Shiba Inu name probably means "brushwood dog".

#3 Shiba Inus have an ability to dig the ground 😀

only with the help of their noses 🙂

#4 They were created to hunt.

Shiba inu was bred hunt boars, birds and bears.

#5 They also have dense undercoats 🙂

This allows them to withstand cold temperatures.

#6 You won’t believe, but they are the smallest dogs 😀

of course, among all Japanese dogs (Akita Inu, Shikoku Inu, Kishu Inu, Hokkaido, and Kai Ken). 🙂