14 Reasons Dachshunds Are Not The Friendly Dogs Everyone Says They Are

#1 They Never Sleep Because They’re Too Busy Plotting Ways To Destroy You.

  1. so true!!!!! they ONLY pretend to sleep…. their eyes are closed, they’re curled up tight against you, but it’s ONLY to lead you astray!!!! They aren’t sleeping behind those eyes ~ they use their cuteness to their advantage! to trick you!

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#2 You Can Just Feel The Hate Behind Those Eyes.

  1. sooo sooooo true! Again, using their cuteness to their advantage, they lead you astray. “Hmmmm!” they think, “These humans can’t see beyond my adorableness & before long, I’ll be in total control!”

#3 Can You Feel It?

#4 It’s Seriously Some Intense Hatred.

#5 They Really Hate Being In Water.