14 Pomeranian Mixes That You’ll Wanna Squeeeeeeeeeesh

Pomeranian mix breed dogs are popular with people looking for a smaller pet. Like all crossbreed dogs the Pomeranian mix may vary widely in appearance and temperament. The Pomeranian is very visually striking. Once seen, they are hard to forget!

#1 Pom Shepherd

German Shepherd + Pomeranian 

#2 Pomtriever

Golden Retriever + Pomeranian 

#3 Pomeranian King Charles

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel + Pomeranian 

#4 Pomshund

Dachshund + Pomeranian 

#5 Pomsky

Husky + Pomeranian 

#6 Pomeranian Griffon

Brussels Griffon + Pomeranian