14 of the Most Famous Pekingeses on the Internet

There are a lot of pages devoted to pets. Here are collected the most famous pages of Pekingeses❤️

#1 Hoyan

Instagram : hoyan2525

Followers: 32,2k

#2 Heanooni

Instagram: heanooni

Followers: 137k

#3 Moco

Instagram: peki_moco

Followers: 9,2k

#4 Bella, Gucci, Versace

Instagram: furry_cousins

Followers: 7,4k

#5 Kingkong and Vely

Instagram: kingkong_vely

Followers: 90,6k

#6 Rui, Aroma, Nina, Sara

Instagram: tomo.0227

Followers: 6,1k