14 Nutrition Tips for Yorkshire Terrier Owners

Yorkshire terrier is a cute small dog. Both children and adults love them and make fiends with them. But the nutrition of the Yorkshire Terrier requires special attention. A proper and balanced diet is the key to their good health.

#1 You should choose the balanced diet for your Yorkie immediately after you became his owner

Yorkie`s digestive organs are really weak. Therefore, any change in digestion or a sharp transition from one type of feed to another can have negative consequences for the health of your dog.

#2 Yorkie can have food allergies

The most popular food allergens are meat, cereals, fish, chocolate and milk.

#3 There should not be a lot of protein in the diet

It can also cause allergies and even provoke kidney disease.

#4 Daily diet should consist of the following products: Vegetables and fruits

Such as carrots, beets, zucchini, apples, bananas.

#5 Vegetables and carbohydrates make up to 25% each

#6 Low-fat meat makes up 50% of the diet

such as chicken fillet, beef and turkey