14 Mastiff Nutrition Tips

And, as you know, the basis of health is a proper, complete and balanced diet. And then the question arises of what and how to feed such a large dog like a Mastiff?

#1 Proper nutrition with the necessary amount of vitamins and nutrients plays a very important role for the healthy growth and development of the English Mastiff.

#2 In matters of nutrition, the mastiff is not at all finicky.

#3 Without exception, all Mastiffs have a very sensitive stomach, so they need to be fed in small portions several times a day.

#4 The optimal feeding option for this breed is three meals a day puppy up to 12 months and two times after.

#5 Despite the fact that the dog is very large, eating an English Mastiff is relatively small.

#6 Like all animals of this class, he needs protein foods, the basis of which is meat and fish.