14 Interesting Facts About French Bulldogs

#7 French Bulldogs like to be the only pet at home

#8 At the same time they are very friendly and contact dogs

They look for your attention everywhere so they will play with children, watch TV with you, help you to cook dinner etc.

#9 French bulldogs are true psychologists

They can feel the human nature very subtly, so you should leave immediately, if they don`t like you!

#10 They are great guard dogs

Due to their fighting nature, they are fearless and really good guards.

If something threatens you, they will protect you and if necessary will fight for you!

#11 French Bulldog is one of the best companion dogs

They are very loyal to their owner and will accompany him everywhere!

#12 People do not advice to get French Bulldog, if you have a baby

French Bulldogs don`t love little babies, they can be jealous.