14 Facts You May Not Know About Poodles

Adorable photos alert! Take a look at these 14 facts you might not have known about Poodles.

#1 Poodles come in three varieties.

The Poodle is the only that comes in three sizes: standard, miniature, and toy.

  1. We have teacups, toys, and have had miniatures and standards in the past. Where did you get only 3? I’ve have teacups off and on for the past 40 years.

#2 They’re from Germany.

Where they were called pudel, which is German for “puddle.”

  1. They are older than Germany. They were 1st seen in images from 200ad in the southern area of Mediterranean around Naples and Pompeii.

#3 Their fur has a purpose.

Too much wet fur would weigh them down, so hunters would strategically shear their hair.

#4 They were historically great at their jobs.

They were used by hunters to retrieve ducks and other birds from the water.

#5 Poodle fur never stops growing.

As a result, they need regular grooming.

#6 Elvis loved poodles.

He had quite a collection at Graceland.