14 Facts About the Mastiff

#7 Mastiffs are good models 🙂

#8 They can replace your child 😀 😀 😀

in size especially 🙂

#9 They will take a lot of place in your car 😀

#10 They always look as if they don’t like anything 😀

But it's not true, of course)

#11 World record? Easy!

The world’s largest dog record was set in November 1989 by an 8-year old Mastiff set the world’s largest dog record. He reached a height of 38 inches at the shoulder, Zorba the record-breaker, measured 8 feet 3 inches from tip to toe. That’s not the end. He weighed a massive 343 pounds.

#12 Mastiffs need real special care

Mastiffs take a long time (around three years) to mature both in size and mentally. So until they turn at least two years old, it’s better not to take them along for long walks or any kind of other exercise like jumping as these kinds of activities may hurt the joints of the Mastiff pup.