14 Facts About the Mastiff

#1 The breed is very old!

They have huge history, going back 5000 years!

#2 They are quite big 🙂

The male Mastiff can weigh up to 230 pounds and female can reach a weight of 170 pounds. Their height can reach up to 30 inches, giving them a towering look.

#3 Mastiff is just gorgeous!

They are wise, calm, courageous and collected dogs and barks only when needed.

#4 They are good sleeping company)

Not only are they good guard dogs, but also make good bed companions and will warm up your bed on even the coldest of nights.

#5 This breed has a history in Britain!

The Romans liked Mastiffsand used them as fighting dogs. The British made a different use of the Mastiffs, namely as guard dogs for their castles and land. They were free to roam at night to keep trespassers at bay.

#6 They love height ?

They were believed to be a mountain dogs.