14 Сharacteristics Of A Hunter Dog – Boykin Spaniel

The Boykin Spaniel, a relatively young breed of dog, was bred at the end of the 19th century. The homeland of origin is considered to be the United States of America, mainly the southern states. The Boykin Spaniel is recognized as the official breed of South Carolina. These dogs are highly regarded by hunters.

#1 The Boykin Spaniel is a medium-sized dog, compact and neat in appearance.

#2 Dogs of the Boykin Spaniel breed are very agile and playful. They require maximum attention of the owner both indoors and outdoors.

#3 Boykin Spaniel loves to rush back and forth, fervently wagging his tail, loves to indulge.

#4 These dogs can upset the owner with their addiction to gnaw everything that they see in their path (this can be an old stool or a new bag).

#5 Kindness, gaiety, energy, courage and dexterity are the distinctive qualities of this dog. She is not aggressive, very kind and quick-witted.

#6 The best entertainment for her is hunting and training. The Boykin Spaniel is a versatile dog, swims well and loves water.