12 Things You Wish You Knew Before Getting a Pug

Pugs are not for everyone, but those they are, hold on! You are in for an amazing adventure! We have a pug that’s a blast. I think everyone needs a pug just for the comic relief they bring to life.

#1 Forget about having private time, unless you lock yourself in the bathroom…

...then he’ll start barking or crying, to which you’ll feel guilty and open the door.

#2 Have you ever watched Game of Thrones?

Pugs sound like the White Walkers when they see a squirrel on the deck. It's like a demonic, chattering scream.

#3 You can sleep wherever you want.

It’s up to you where you want him to sleep get him a bed or he’ll take half of your sleeping space.

#4 They love TV.

Pug shows are their favorite but they will watch just about anything.

#5 Pugs shed year round, massive amounts of fur everywhere.

You will have a layer of fur everywhere.