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11 Dogs Who Share Your Diet Struggles

A diet can be a pretty difficult shih tzu-ation to navigate, but these pups have your back!

1.”Bathing suit season? Are you kidding? This is the only suit I wanna wear right now.”

2. “Though, I guess I could chill out on the sweets…”

3. “This is what I eat now! And I love it. Look at my face, and tell me you can’t see how much I love it.”

4. “I’ve got a gym membership and a dream, baby!”

5. “Birthday cake at the office? You WOULD decide to have a birthday right when I start my diet, Patrice!”

6. “You have no power over me. You have no power over me. You have no power over me.”

7. “I tried to resist… I really did.”

8. “Back on the wagon and hating life!” #TruthfulGymStatusUpdates

9. “I’m sorry. I know you’re trying to have a serious conversation, but it would be a lot easier if your head would stop looking like a cheeseburger.”

10. No caption necessary. Pizza = love. True for all species.

11. “Enough is enough! You know what? The only thing I need to do to get a beach body is to take mah body to the beach!”